1 In Her Most Beautiful Names: Constant Source of Kindness.

2 Alhamdulillah! All praise is Hers! The Cherisher and Sustainer of all the worlds above and below, without and within.

3 The One Source of Compassion and Mercy, of Help, of Love and Forgiveness!

4 The One Who Will Call us back home to Her in the afterlife,

5 The Only True Judge of our good and bad deeds,
Who Will Forgive many sins and Who Will show us for the sake of Her Compassion

how we failed to be compassionate ourselves.

6 She alone we worship and She alone do we go to for help, like a child who seeks guidance from a loving parent.

7 O Allah, guide us to a path of righteousness, the path of those who seek Your Blessings, Sheltered beneath Your Love’s Wings.
Not the path of those who walk away from You and are in need of Your Correction.

Ameyn Amin Amen