Say: 'O My servants who have transgressed against your own souls: do not despair of God's mercy, for God forgives all sins. It is S/He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful.' Qur'an (39:53)

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The one who speaks little and listens attentively

is one who has found peace and tranquility.

— Sherif Baba

“When the Prophet said ‘Increase the salaams among you,’

he meant ‘increase the peace among you’,

not the greetings between you.”

— Sherif Baba.


O these are Her true servants; these are the lovers of the Most Gracious!
They are the ones who walk humbly and gently upon the earth.
When they are among the ones who are against Her,
they do not become angry nor do they become arrogant.
Rather wherever they go, they offer peace,
“May peace be with both friend and foe.”
Wherever they go, their hearts are full of peace.

(Quran al-Furqan, 25:63)

Lyrics by Cat Stevens

Everyone jump upon the peace train
Come on now peace train

Get your bags together,
go bring your good friends too
Cause it’s getting nearer,
it soon will be with you

Now come and join the living,
it’s not so far from you
And it’s getting nearer,
soon it will all be true

Now I’ve been crying lately,
thinking about the world as it is
Why must we go on hating,
why can’t we live in bliss

Cause out on the edge of darkness,
there rides a peace train
Oh peace train take this country,
come take me home again